About Plumtree Learning


Plumtree Learning is an organisation founded and run by parents raising children with special needs.


Our mission is to support, empower and energise families to learn about, and create a progress for their child together with a healthy lifestyle that fosters their own health and well-being, alongside a healthy, happy family life.

We aim to build family capacity through participation. We do this by designing and running evidence-based programs to increase families' empowerment, hope, agency and wellbeing.

In peer groups (face to face or via zoom), parents and carers learn to:

  • Formulate and achieve inspiring goals for their children
  • Build novel positive partnerships with professionals
  • Optimise their informal networks

These programs  provide families with information, research findings and the shared wisdom of other parents and carers, to better support themselves to meet their important daily responsibilities caring for their child with a disability and family, whilst also caring for themselves.

Our programs and activities are research-based. Over 1000 participants have contributed to the development and evaluation of the programs and materials on this website.